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Approved Bondtech QC Lite

by Nuno Santiago


Bondtech's Product Page

This Guide relates to this Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit:


The Bondtech BMG 1.75 mm extruder is the simplest way to increase the performance and reliability of your Creality CR-10S printer in a matter of minutes. Installation manual BMG for Creality CR-10S V1.1 2.

This new revolution in design utilizes the proven Bondtech Dual Drive Technology with precision CNC manufactured parts. This gives the market’s best feeder performance and reliability.

The Upgrade allows you to prototype even faster and print with peace of mind.


CR-10 and CR-10S share the same guide.

You will need :


No parts specified.

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One Comment

Good afternoon Bondtech.

I have purchased a Creality CR-10S Kit and installed it on my CR-10S.

This is equipped with an original BL-Touch v2.1 and the original firmware from creality for the BL-Touch.

I have adjusted the G code as you indicate, the M92 E415 code behind the G28. But then I received a "KILLED. PRINTER HALTED Please reset" message and must reset the printer.

Without the M92 E415 code I didn't get that message.

Now I have the M92 E415 code behind the G29; BLTouch leveling code posted and now the message is gone and the printer prints as usual but with a good extruder.

My start code looks like this:

G28; Home

G29; BLTouch leveling

M92 E415; Set new E-step value for Bondtech BMG Extruder

G1 Z15.0 F6000; Move the platform down 15 mm Prime the extruder

G92 E0

G1 F200 E3

G92 E0 Y

ou may include this action in the description so that other CR-10S users with BL-Touch do not encounter these problems.

Kind regards A. Spataro

Angelo Spataro - Reply

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