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Approved Bondtech QC Lite

by Nuno Santiago


Bondtech's Product Page

This Guide relates to this Direct Drive System for Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit:


The Direct Drive System for CR-10S includes mounting holes to attach a BL Touch. By printing a mount with a STL file supplied in this guide (Designed by Greg3D) you will be able to attach and use a BL Touch.


Bondtech is not supplying the BL Touch. For that reason we are not fully supporting it's installation. However, as last step of this guide we provide a link to a Google search results page where you will be able to find information on how to finish the setup process.

You will need :

  1. Download the STL file below from our Github.
    • 3D print the BL Touch support.

  2. Gather all the required parts and tool:
    • Gather all the required parts and tool:

    • 1x BL Touch

    • 1x BL Touch Support

    • 1x M2.5 Hex Key

    • 4x M3x8 Screws

    • 2x M3 Nuts

    • Attach the support to the BL Touch.

    • Use 2 M3x8 screws and 2 M3 nuts

    • Find the mounting holes on the right hand side of the Direct Drive System (DDS).

    • Align the BL Touch support with the DDS mounting holes.

    • Attach the support using 2 M3x8 screws.

  3. Route the BL Touch cables at your will.
    • Route the BL Touch cables at your will.

  4. Use the following link to search for assistance to complete the BL Touch setup
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