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Approved Bondtech QC Lite

by Nuno Santiago


Bondtech's Product Page

This Guide relates to this Direct Drive System for Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit:

Strip down your CR-10S before the installation

Before installing this DDS for CR-10S Gen I upgrade, check the "02. Stripping Down Your Creality CR-10S" step by step guide.

Download The Firmware after the installation

After completing this installation don't forget to update the firmware. You can download it by visiting the Creality Firmware Page.

You will need :



No parts specified.

    • Start the Direct Drive Extrusion System installation

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • 3x M3x30 Screw

    • Hold the stepper motor.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to unscrew 3 M3x30 screws from the housing until the motor comes loose.

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • 3x M3x30 Screw

    • 2x M3x30 Screw

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to push the 3 M3x30 top screws from the back.

    • Use the same Hex Key to untighten the other 2 M3x30 screws at the front.

    • Open the front housing and rotate it towards yourself until you lay it down on the print bed.

    • 1x M3x10 Screw

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Place the M3x10 screw in the left hole and use the 2.5 Hex Key to attach it. Don't tighten it much.

    • 2x M3x6 Countersunk Screw

    • 2x M3 Washer

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Place the 2 M3x6 Countersunk Screws and 2x M3 Washer in the bottom central holes. Use the 2.0 Hex key to tighten them. Don't tighten much.

    • 1x 1.5 mm Hex Key

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • The housing will not be fixed at this point. Check the slack but turn the housing to left or right until you see it align with the vertical.

    • Use your sight or a tool to ensure you install it vertically.

    • Use the 2.0 Hex Key to tighten the 2 M3x6 Countersunk Screws.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the M3x10 screw on the left.

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Rotate the front housing back into place.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to attach the front housing.

    • 2x M3x30 Screw

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to finish attach the front housing with the 2 M3x30 screws.

    • 2x M3x8 Screw

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • 1x Fan Shroud

    • Place the fan shroud in place as show in the video.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the M3x8 screw on the right.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the M3x8 screw on the left.

    • 2x M3x20 Screw

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Take the fan and place it aligned with the holes in the front housing.

    • Insert the M3x8 screws tightening them a bit by hand, so the fan doesn't fall down.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the fan into place.

    • 2x M3x16 Screw

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Insert the 2 M3x16 screws in the side holes near the fan.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the screws.

    • Align the stepper motor shaft with the hole below the white main gear.

    • Push it in gently.

    • Slightly rotate the main gear to allow for the insertion.

    • Plug the connector into the motor.

    • 3x M3x30 Screws

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • Hold the stepper motor in place, against the back housing.

    • Insert the M3x30 screws in the holes around Bondtech logo.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to slightly tighten the screws.

    • Do not tighten the screws fully at this moment.

    • 1x 2.5 Hex Key

    • Rotate the white main gear to check if it rotates smoothly.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to tighten the screws, one by one.

    • Check the correct alignment of the stepper motor, by rotating the main gear while you tighten each screw.

    • Use your fingers or a 2.0 Hex Key to place the cabling into the guide groove on the bottom right of the extrusion system.

    • 1x Thumb Screw Assembly

    • Take the thumb screw and insert it in the hole of the hinge until you feel it tight.

    • 2x Cable Clamp

    • 1x PTFE tube

    • Insert the PTFE tube into the push fit at the top of the extrusion system.

    • Grab the power cable with the cable clamps

    • Attach the PTFE tube to the power cable using the cable clamps.

    • This ends the Direct Driver Extrusion System installation

    • Start Filament Sensor move

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.0 Hex Key to remove the 2 screws of the old filament sensor housing

    • Remove the cover and sensor from inside.

    • Remove the cover from the Bondtech filament sensor housing

    • Place the sensor inside with the PCB facing up and the connector facing out.

    • Put the cover back and tighten the screws.

    • 1x Filament Sensor Assembly

    • Attach the Filament Sensor Assembly to the 2 left shafts holding the metal plate of the X axis stepper motor.

    • Anchor it on the bottom shaft

    • Snap it over the top shaft.

    • Fit the power cable on the posterior groove.

    • Fit the PTFE tube into the push fit.

    • This ends the Filament Sensor move

    • Conect the mic plug to the top mic socket on the back of the control box.

    • Congratulations!!! You are done!

    • Now you should perform the firmware update.

    • DON'T FORGET: Reduce Retraction Distance to 1mm and Retraction Speed to 35mm/s before start using the DDS.


You may now proceed to install the updated firmware we supply.

Don't forget to do a bed leveling before you use the new extrusion system.

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