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Approved Bondtech QC Lite

by Nuno Santiago


Bondtech's Product Page

This Guide relates to this Raise3D DualDirect Upgrade Kit:


The Bondtech Raise3D DualDirect and SingleDirect extruder, which is developed by Bondtech, is the simplest way to increase the performance of your Raise3D N1/N2/N2+ machine in a matter of minutes. This new revolution in design utilizes the proven Bondtech Dual Drive Technology with precision CNC-manufactured parts. This gives the market’s best feeder performance and reliability. The upgrade allows you to prototype even faster and print with peace of mind.¨'


The upgrade is compatible with the following machines:

Raise3D N1/N2/N2+ Dual printer.Raise3D N1/N2/N2+ Single printer

Updated Info

Information missing on the guide, as alerted by users, is added in Steps below the Featured Document window.

Guide Organization

  • Page 3-6; Uninstalling the original extruder.
  • Page 7-13; Installation of DualDirect extruder
  • Page 14-18; Installation of SingleDirect extruder.

You will need this :

Featured Document

  1. The Bondtech Raise3D DualDirect extruder has 2 thumbscrews.
    • The Bondtech Raise3D DualDirect extruder has 2 thumbscrews.

    • They serve to adjust the pressure each floating drive gear makes on the filament.

    • Tighten them all the way in and then untighten...

    • ... 1 to 2 turns when using hard filament.

    • ... 3 to 4 turns when using soft filament (flexible).

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