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This Guide relates to this Direct Drive System for Creality CR-10S Upgrade Kit:

Check The Unboxing Guide before the installation

Don't forget to check the Unboxing Guide to confirm you have everything necessary to complete this installation.

Check The Filament Sensor Housing before the installation

Due to changes in the CR-10S posterior to our DDS for CR-10S product launch, Bondtech received feedback from customers informing us the original Filament Sensor Housing would not fit the new printer. For that reason, check the Filament Sensor Housing fitting first, before uninstalling the original extruder. If you have a new CR-10S model and bought a first release DDS for CR-10S, you will have to print a new mount bracket to fit your printer. You can download that new bracket here.

You will need :


No parts specified.

    • Pre-heat the hot-end to unload the material using the printer's user interface.

    • This will heat up the hot-end so the filament can be pulled out.

    • Unload the material to free-up extruder and hot-end.

    • To be safe turn the printer off using the switch in the back of the control unit.

    • Unscrew the Mic plug to disconnect the hot-end cable that also feeds the fan and the termistor.

    • Start the extruder's removal

    • Press the push-fit

    • Release the PTFE tube from the extruder.

    • Unplug the filament sensor cable.

    • Remove the mount from the printer.

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Press the lever and spring.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to unscrew it from the extruder.

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Hold the stepper motor.

    • Use the 2.0 Hex Key to remove the 3 screws holding it.

    • The remaining parts of the extruder are free to be removed.

    • This completes the extruder's removal.

    • Start the Hot-End removal

    • 1x 2.0mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.0 Hex Key to remove the 2 screws that hold the enclosure.

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to remove the 2 screws that hold the hot-end to the carriage mount.

    • This ends the Hot-end's removal


You may now proceed to install the DDS on your CR-10S.

Don't forget to check what version of DDS you have. There is the original version, and an updated one. Check the differences here: DDS for CR-10S Design Upgrade