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This Guide relates to this QR for Ultimaker 2 Upgrade Kit:


The Bondtech QR Extruder for 2.85/3.0 mm filament for use as a Bowden or a direct Extruder. The extruder uses high-quality industrial pneumatic push-fit fittings for attaching the bowden tube. It has also thread inserts to have a strong connection of the fasteners. The mount for the hotend is a standard “Groove Mount” that makes it possible to use the E3D hotends aswell as others following this standard.

This new revolution in design utilizes the Bondtech Dual Drive Technology with precision CNC-manufactured parts which gives the markets best performance and reliability.


The upgrade is compatible with the following machines:

Ultimaker 2 Go
Ultimaker 2
Ultimaker 2 Extended
Ultimaker 2%20
Ultimaker 2 Extended %20

You will need :

Cura version 15.04.06 to upload the firmware.

Later versions do not upload custom firmwares to the printer.

A compiled version to run on Windows is available here:


No parts specified.

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