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Approved Bondtech QC Lite

by Nuno Santiago


Bondtech's Product Page

This Guide relates to this Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality:

What to do after finishing this guide

After completing the actions in this guide you should perform the ones from the following guide:

02. Installing DDX On Creality CR-10S

(not available yet)

You will need :

  1. Before you strip the CR-10S down,
    • Before you strip the CR-10S down,

    • download and 3D print the following STL model:

    • Fixture to cut the PTFE tube.

    • After 3D printing this model you can continue and strip the CR-10S

    • Pre-heat the hot-end to unload the material using the printer's user interface.

    • This will heat up the hot-end so the filament can be pulled out.

    • Unload the material to free-up extruder and hot-end.

    • To be safe turn the printer off using the switch in the back of the control unit.

    • Unscrew the Mic plug to disconnect the hot-end cable that also feeds the fan and the termistor.

    • Start the extruder's removal

    • Press the push-fit

    • Release the PTFE tube from the extruder.

    • Unplug the filament sensor cable.

    • Remove the mount from the printer.

    • 1x 2.5 mm Hex Key

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Press the lever and spring.

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to unscrew it from the extruder.

    • Start the Hot-End removal

    • 1x 2.0mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.0 Hex Key to remove the 2 screws that hold the enclosure.

    • 1x 2.0 mm Hex Key

    • Use the 2.5 Hex Key to remove the 2 screws that hold the hot-end to the carriage mount.

    • This ends the Hot-end's removal


You may now proceed to install the DDX on your CR-10S.

Don't forget you will need the DDX and the Ender-3/CR-10 Adapter Set to finish the installation.

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