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Questions about my new Direct Drive

I just received my new direct drive and have a few comments and questions. First, just an FYI, the new CR-10S comes with a different end cap that is incompatible with the filament holder that ships with the direct drive, there is no way to clamp it on. This is just a minor inconvenience for me, as I will be designing and printing out a top mount spool holder and will relocate my filament sensor there anyway. Next, the embedded brass threaded piece, that the tensioner screw screws into, pulled out of the body. I mixed up some JB weld and pushed it back in the housing. Hopefully that will hold it. Now onto my questions:

1) What nozzle size ships with the direct drive?

2) I know this next question is hard to answer without specifics, but just in general, what heat, speed, line width, layer height, and such do you recommend for PLAs (just for a guideline for me to start testing). Right now, I can only generate a decent print using 220C, 60 mm/m for walls, with a layer height of 0.4 mm and a line width of 0.4 mm. These settings actually cause my prints to take a little longer than my stock setup.

3) Can I use my volcano E3D V6 hotend, do you guys make a case for the direct drive components that can house the longer volcano hotend?



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Hi Russ,

Sorry I took so much time to answer your questions.

Let’s start with the filament sensor housing.

We were alerted for this situation already. Creality3D changed the CR-10S after we released our upgrade. Nevertheless, we are supplying our customers with a STL file to print a new housing that fits both models. Since late 2nd week of July the product is shipping with this new housing.

Regarding your questions:

1) With the DDS for CR-10S, we ship the following nozzle:

  • 1x E3D brass nozzle 0.4mm.

2) It will always depend on the PLA you are using, but in generic terms we recommend the following base settings:

  • Temperature: 205C on the first layer and 200C above.
  • Heated Bed: 60C
  • Layer Height: 0,2mm (always lower than 0.32mm or 80% of the nozzle diameter)
  • Default Print Speed: 60 mm/s
  • Outline Speed : 50%
  • Infill Speed: 80%
  • Extrusion Multiplier: 0,94
  • Retraction Distance: 0,80mm
  • Retraction Speed: 40 mm/s
  • Contour Lines: 2 (or more for stronger parts)
  • Infill: 15%


you can actually use a Volcano in the DDS system. We have designed a higher fan shroud so that the cooling air is not blowing against the nozzle. We may supply the STL and Customers need to print it (the fan shroud) since we do not have it as an option or as SLS.

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I have the same problem - the detector housing doesn´t fit. Can you please send me the stl file from the new housing?


Oh - it should be a good idea if you inform your suppliers about that - mine here in Germnany - 3djake - didn´t know that.


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Email with stl-file of the mount just sent to you Paul!

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I would like to receive the STL for adapting the E3D Volcano hot end to my CR10 DDS. Can you please send or provide a link? Thank you!

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Stl-file sent to your e-mail adress!


I need this STL as well please


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