Problems with installation on CR-10 S5

  1. Under the instructions on Step 21 - Finishing Front Housing lock, my kit was missing a M3x16 screw. .Had a spare.
  2. After two or three insertions into the next filament sensor, the ball (which is a great idea) pushed the micro switch out of position and will no longer sense that filament is present. I had to install it without the cover.
  3. The PTFE tubing (480 mm) supplied with the kit is too short. Even the original one supplied (625 mm) is extremely tight creating a pinch point at the extruder. This is due to the filament sensor being moved further to the left than the original. The length needs to be increased to 750 mm. At least for the CR-10S5. Had to purchase a longer piece.
  4. The length of the cable between the extruder assembly and where the cable separates heater/sensor/fan and extruder is too short. The separation occurs before it clips onto the filament sensor (rather un-clean). This cable assembly should be increased to 750 mm. With the extra being added before the separation. Will have to live with it.
  5. The clips provided to hold the PTFE tubing to the cable assembly is too tight. Trying to attach it pinches the tubing. Cable ties to the rescue.
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